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Single Super Phosphate (SSP)

  • India’s total installed capacity of SSP plants - 7,526.20 tonnes.

  • SSP constitutes 20.50% of the total capacity of phosphatic fertilizers.

  • Major raw materials for SSP are Rock Phosphate and Sulphur.

  • Contains 16% Phosphorous along with 11% Sulphur and 16% Calcium – Key to improving agricultural productivity since large areas in the country are deficient in Sulphur and Calcium.

  • At present, about 72 medium and small-scale units are engaged in the production of SSP. Unlike urea and DAP, the concentration of major players in SSP is very low.

  • The CCEA has further recommended that the SSP should be marketed only through large producers that having more than 1 lac MT of SSP or by manufacturers of urea/NPK to ensure supply of good quality SSP.

  • Government wants to not only boost the production of SSP but also reduce the demand pressure for DAP, as currently the prices of DAP are quite high.

  • SSP contains 16% Phosphorous as compared with 46% in DAP, which means 3 MT of SSP is required to replace 1 MT of DAP. This would not only entail saving of subsidy (Approx. 4 times higher subsidy on DAP as compared to SSP) that is provided by the government but would also encourage indigenous manufacturers to produce SSP.