Environment Protection

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) having a capacity of 140000 liters is fully equipped with agitator tank, sand filter, settling tank, aeration tank, evaporation tank, sludge tank and huge platform for drum washing.

A very effective negative air suction facility pollution control device installed for granular & wettable powder plants. Dust collector, scrubber unit, chimney, air monitoring analyses.

The manufacturing facilities of GK Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited are situated far from residential area and water source. The facilities are surrounded by heavy plantation for clean environment.

Plant had been designed under supervision and guidance of very experienced persons in the field.

Social Responsibility & Safety

Medical & Health

Due care and provision is made for workers’ health & safety.

Regularly workers medicals check-up is doing by experienced medical officer

First Aid facility, medical room and one trained person in clinical observations is available full time.

One Govt. Doctor visits the plant every fifteen days and checks the staff and workers, which is duly documented.

On site emergency plan is also in place.

Full time vehicle is available to meet the emergency situation.

Workers’ Amenities

Being a pesticide formulation plant, adequate washing and bathing facilities are provided for the workers.

Separate Lunch Room fully furnished with Dining Table, Sitting Benches, Safe Drinking Water and wash facility.